Quark 4.11 - Xtags 4 - Creating an index ----- help

Hi all

i have created a 1000 page catalogue, imported all the data from a database, so all the info is xtagged.
is there a way that i can extract the page numbers and just one part of the data, i.e the price field, to creat an index

any help would be fantastic

Are your tags for local formatting (i.e., bold, italic, etc. directly applied to the text) or are they for style sheets? If they are for style sheets and your style sheet is unique to the price only (and your prices are in their own paragraph), then this is a relatively easy task:

If you’ve used character styles, you could try something like:

This assumes your text is tagged like: @Description:This is some descriptive text. <@Price>$9.99<@$p>

I would suggest that you test this on a smaller document (say 3 or 4 pages) first. Running on a 1,000 page file, even on the fastest machine, is going to take some time.


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