Quark 4 Auto Printing

I’m trying to convert a script from OS 9 to OS X, I have a script that would select a printer from a list.
Quark would accept the printer change from the print monitor, and print to that printer (and change back to a default printer) for OS 9. It is not the same in OSX you need to change the printer within the printer setup window in Quark, once you print it changes the printer in the list (OSX). Quark will hold that printer setting and not change until mannually changed back.
anybody got suggestions??
is there a command in the print setup that will specify a printer (name not the type), or is there a crazy way of sending keystroke commands (kind of beyond my knowledge)

-----Why the heck am I using (still) Quark 4 in OS X? lets say I have hurdles in getting into the 21st century :wink:
that and I’d like to see if and how its done.