Quark 7 Import Text Query...

Hello everyone,

I’d written a script that pulls data from relevant columns in Excel, concatenates it and puts tabs in where required. It also puts in style tags as required.
This would all be saved in a text file and look something like this:-

<@interBold>1 <@interReg>CELL INFO 1
<@interBold>2 <@interReg>CELL INFO 2
<@interBold>3 <@interReg>CELL INFO 3
<@interBold>4 <@interReg>CELL INFO 4
<@interBold>5 <@interReg>CELL INFO 5

The script would then open up a Quark doc and import the text into a named text box. This all stills work fine in Quark 6.52 which is the version it was developed in.

However, enter Quark 7! The script still imports the text however it doesn’t interpret the style tags and they end up as text in the box.
Is there a simple solution to this? Please can someone tell me where I’m going wrong.

Thanks in advance,