Quark cropmark information

Ok here is challenge that I’m trying to figure out. Right now I have a script that creates a PDF out of Quark 7 as individual pages and renames the PDF to the naming nomenclature are printer uses. What I would like to do is add that file name to the top my PDF in the white area past the bleed, so when I print my Epsons that PDF file name is at the top of the print out. Kinda like the quark file name in the upper left corner of the PDF. I’m racking my brain on how to add this to my script. Any suggestions would be great

Thanks Tim


I, unfortunately, don’t have Quark anymore (which stinks because I used to script the heck out of it :D) but you’ll need to make sure the text box overlaps the page margin. Quark will not print items outside the page but if the text box touches the page it is treated as a proper page item. So you’ll end up with a text box with empty space at the bottom of it. Cosmetics, meh!

Jim Neumann


That got me thinking and I think I can achieve what I want with that information.

Thanks again.