Quark dialog boxes stop my script!!! How can I make it stop?

I have an applescript that opens quark documents and prints postscript files of those documents to a watched folder. The only problem is the script is sometimes stoped when quark pops up font warnings. It is telling me that the fonts aren’t installed on my system (even thought they are, and hitting the OK button produces a PDF that is fine with no font errors). These dialog boxes that quark pops up stop the script. Is there any way for me to tell quark to not pop up these boxes, or is there a way to get rid of them. In InDesign, you can say “set user interaction level to never interact”. How do I do this in quark?


first lets start by clarifying are you making PS files from quark or are you using Quarks Export to PDF ? these are completely different operations. I recommend that you make PS files and convert them to PDFs rather than using the later method.


The script prints PostScript files into a watched folder. It doesn’t use quarks terrible ‘export as pdf’ function. The font warnings appear as it is attempting to print the postscript file. I need a way to ignore these warnings, or at least have some kind of UI interaction that would press the ‘OK’ button so that the script can continue.

You say that the fonts it complains about are installed in your system, but are they truetype fonts or PS fonts?

They are PS. The message is something along the lines of "This document uses screen fonts not installed on your system. [Cancel], [OK] " The fonts are indeed installed and activated on my computer, so pressing OK produces a PS file with all fonts displaying correctly.


well that is good news. however I have only ever received errors creating PS file related to fonts when there was a legitimate problem.

every PS font should also have a matching suitcase to go with it so if you don’t have both loaded then you may get font error messages
another good point to consider is that if the font was loaded after quark was already open you may need to quit and relaunch quark for it to properly load. Anther option it that the font is itself corrupted. Fonts are the bane of my existence.

These are my experiences dealing with hundreds of fonts day in and day out. so in closing if you are absolutely sure you could use quarks font alert silencer

its makes no attempt to fix anything it simply silences the alert

keep us posted on your progress.


If you are sure that hitting “OK” will work without problems, you can try a ghost return keystroke or two to just clear the dialog box. I am assuming that you can clear the box by hitting the return key if it is the default button. Try something like this right after your print line. You can experiment with how long a delay you need.

print front document PostScript file YourFileReference
delay 1		
tell application "System Events"
	keystroke return
	delay 1
	keystroke return
end tell

Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)