Quark dork has image placement problems

I want to rename and relink the pictures in a Quark 6.11 document. This works for most of them:

-- snippet from Quark tell block:
-- get current placement parameters
tell image 1
	set {saveAngle, saveOffset, saveScale, saveSkew} to {angle, offset, scale, skew}
end tell

-- place newly renamed image
set image 1 to alias (newPath & newName)
tell application "System Events" to delay 3 -- (I found this helps for the pictures that *do* work.)

-- apply original placement parameters
tell image 1
	set {angle, offset, scale, skew} to {saveAngle, saveOffset, saveScale, saveSkew} -- <<<--- error here
end tell

However, for a particular 12 dpm TIFF (width 8.425", height 12.769", 0° angle, +3.449" X offset and -0.667" Y offset, 50% scale, and 0° skew) in a picture box of width 3.333", height 4.319", I get the error message “Value is outside the valid range of -8.444” to 3.347" at “<<<— error here”. Does anyone know why I can’t just plug the same parameters back into the same file (essentially)?

Thanks very much…