Quark: Formatting text imported from Excel

I often import data fed into Excel spreadsheet and lay it out on Quark.

Actually, these are Exhibition Show Catalogues with participant’s data:

P.O. Box 4455
City, Country
Tel: +000 00000
Fax: +000 00000
E-mail: email@isp.com

Can I get a script in which I can make

EXHIBITOR NAME…{Bold, 12 points, Helvetica)
P.O. Box 4455…{Italics, 10points, Times)
City, Country
Tel: +000 00000
Fax: +000 00000

I have more than 500 such addresses and I want to be able to format them in QuarkXpress in one go?

Any suggestions? :lol:

Why don’t you add style tags before and after the data? Makes it also very easy to change it in Quark.
Format a couple of lines with style sheets and export it as X-Tags and you see what I mean.

You can create paragraph styles in Quark - such as “Header” which has the properties of {Bold, 12 points, Helvetica).
After the text is copied to Quark you can set the style of the first paragraph to “Header” -
set the style sheet of paragraph of 1 to “Header”.

I format using xtags, but the problem I have come across is I’m now wanting to style two sets of text that I am importing into the same text box. I’m ok doing it if I just want to cahnge the style to bold but I’m having trouble changing the font within an applescript? Any ideas?