[Quark] How to apply rule above/below?

I have been searching for the solution on applying rule above or below, but till now got no luck.
I tried both paragraph properties and paragraph attributes that recommended but none of them work.
Could someone advise me please.

This should get you started…

tell application "QuarkXPress"
	tell current page of layout space 1 of project 1
		tell paragraph 1 of text box 1
			set properties to {rule below:{rule on:true, color:"black", width:"2 pt", style:solid line, text length:Indents, left indent:"0p", right indent:"0p", position:"4 pt"}}
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

It took a little experimenting but I got it:

tell application "QuarkXPress"
	if not (exists document 1) then
			display dialog "No document open!" buttons "Cancel" default button "Cancel"
		on error
		end try
	end if
	set FileNameForTag to (name of front document) as string
	tell front document
		set TempValue to page rule origin
		set page rule origin to {0, 0}
		tell page 1
			make new text box at beginning with properties {bounds:{"0.25\"", "0.5\"", "1\"", "8\""}, color:null, runaround:none runaround, name:"FileName"}
			set properties of rule below of first paragraph of story 1 of text box "FileName" to {rule on:true, color:"Black", shade:100, style:solid line, text length:true, width:6}
			set story 1 of text box "FileName" to FileNameForTag & return
			set properties of (story 1 of text box "FileName") to {font:"Helvetica CondensedBlack", size:"18 pt", color:"Black", leading:"18 pt"}
			set justification of story 1 of text box "FileName" to left justified
		end tell
		set page rule origin to TempValue
	end tell
end tell

Thank you both of you, TecNik & Matt-Boy!
I understand the syntax now.