Quark Line Box crashes Quark

Are you using 4.11? If not, upgrade immediately.

I am using 4.11 and this script works just fine on other documents. It however crashes when this particular document is run. Any other ideas? Anyone?

Possibly. I had some crashing problems with scripts on old 3.x documents even when they were saved as 4.x docs, and it could only be fixed much like you describe (thumbnail dragging). Or, I could fix them with this script (inserted before all my production scripts!):

tell application "QuarkXPress™ 4.11" 
    set errorTrap to flow version of document 1 
    if errorTrap is not 10 then 
        display dialog "Document needs to be reflowed." buttons {"Cancel", "Reflow"} default button 2 
        set docPath to file path of document 1 
        save document 1 in docPath version 40 
        close document 1 saving no 
        open file docPath use doc prefs yes remap fonts no with reflow 
        save document 1 
        display dialog "The script will now run properly." buttons {"OK"} with icon 1 default button 1 
    end if
end tell



I have a script that I have run before this and it would not have worked if the folow version were not 10.

Any other ideas from the masses?

As well with this document after I have workin in it for at least 1/2 hour my fonts at 100% view go all screwy. NOthing reflows but lines start to get less and less charcters in them.