Quark List


Is there any options to generate List from quarkxpress with applescript???

Hi toshanmugaraj,

What do you exactly mean by a list?

In Shirley Hopkin’s book «AppleScripting QuarkXPress» you can find an AppleScript example to generate bullet lists:

tell application "QuarkXPressâ„¢" 
	tell story 1 of text box 1 of document 1 
		set properties to {font:"Times", size:"14 pt", leading:"18 pt"} 
		set properties of character 1 of every paragraph where it = "¢" to {size:20, base shift:"-1pt", color:"red"} 
		set properties of paragraph 1 to {font:"Helvetica", style:bold, size:"18 pt", justification:center, leading:"18 pt", space after:"0p6"} 
	end tell 
end tell 

Thank You! It’s the Quark’s List of TOC, I found nothing in Quark’s Scripting Dictionary about TOC lists. Has any one done this!