Quark Open File Statement - How come this doesn't work right?

First timer here. Fairly familiar with Applescript. I have a script that I am using to gather the file paths for all picture boxes on all layers of Quark documents. It is being used for billing purposes. The question is why does the “remap fonts no” clause on the open file statement still prompt me about missing fonts. I am using Quark 6.52. This script works with no issues, except for the prompt for missing fonts. It really would be a non-issue if there were only a few documents to go through; I’m and looking at 500+ per week, so I really need these documents to open and close without user intervention. Here is the entire script. It is being run from within a FileMaker Pro 8 database, and it does not matter if the script is run from within FileMaker or outside; it still prompts for missing fonts.

set piclist to ""
set thisline to ""
set filename to ""
tell application "FileMaker Pro"
	set theBatchNo to cell "GH.Batch.Serial.Number" of table "BatchSerialNo" of database "HB_ImageCount.fp7"
end tell
set processFolder to choose folder with prompt "Choose Folder with Quark Documents"
tell application "Finder" to set theFileList to (files of entire contents of processFolder whose file type is "XPRJ" or file type is "XPRT") as alias list
repeat with theFile in theFileList
	tell application "QuarkXPress"
		open file (theFile as string) use doc prefs yes remap fonts no do auto picture import no
		set theDocName to name of document 1
		set theLayers to the name of layers of document 1
		tell document 1
			repeat with layerCounter from 1 to count of theLayers
				set visible of layer (item layerCounter of theLayers) to true
			end repeat
			repeat with pageCounter from 1 to (count of pages)
				tell page pageCounter
					set thePageNumber to the name
					repeat with pictureCounter from 1 to (count of picture boxes)
						tell picture box pictureCounter
							if not (bounds of image 1) = {0, 0, 0, 0} then
								set filevar to file path of image pictureCounter of it as text
								set theFileName to my getfileName(filevar)
								tell application "FileMaker Pro"
									create new record
									set recordReference to (a reference to last record)
									set cell "Document.Name" of recordReference to theDocName as text
									set cell "Page.Number" of recordReference to thePageNumber as text
									set cell "Image.File.Path" of recordReference to theFileName as text
									set cell "Batch.Number" of recordReference to theBatchNo
								end tell
							end if
						end tell
					end repeat
				end tell
			end repeat
			close saving no
		end tell
	end tell
end repeat

on getfileName(path)
	set pathstr to (path as string)
end getfileName

Anyone have any ideas?


Get Extensis Suitcase, it automatically activate the font missing, that does mean you need all the fonts.
You could press the button with ‘System Events’ or CE Quickkey

Also how are your XT’s set try “FontAlertSilencer” (active) “FontDownloadingXT” (inactive) “FontRetrieveXT” (inactive) it may help.