Quark picture scale info

I’m trying to write a script that works with the scale information of an image placed in Quark. I can get the scale information from Quark, but I’m having a hard time “using” the information.

tell image 1
				set iScale to scale
end tell
--result {"85%","85%"}

I want to get one scale value into a variable…i.e. x=85
I’ve tried

set x to item 1 of iScale

but the data is not recognized as a list.

How would I go about doing this?

Thanks in advance,

XPress dictionary :

coerce: Change data into a given type.
coerce anything
to type class – Type to coerce to.
[Result: anything]

set iScale to coerce (scale of image 1 of picture box 1) to list
return item 1 of iScale

Fredo d;o)

Thanks, that did the trick!