Quark print script pulling a fast one

QXP 6.5.2 on 10.4.11,

I use this code:

print copies 1 with print dialog

as part of an applescript that I use regularly

but lately I’m noticing that I don’t get warnings about missing images.

when I print the traditional way, I do get the warning.

Do I need to specify to QXP to check for missing images?

I thought print with print dialog would be the exact same thing as conventional,
file menu/print
printing. Now I’m scared, wondering what else I’m missing

I don’t usually use the rpint dialog box when scripting but I use this code at the start of my Quark print subroutines to check that a doc is open and then check if there are any missing or modified images to give the user a chance to stop. Hope it helps:

on print_File()
	tell application "QuarkXPress"
		if not (exists document 1) then
				with timeout of 9999 seconds
					display dialog "No document open!" buttons "Cancel" default button "Cancel" giving up after 9990
				end timeout
			on error
			end try
		end if
		display dialog ("Applying print settings...") buttons " " giving up after 1
		tell front document
			--First check if there are missing or modified images
			set MissMod to count (every image whose modified is true)
			if MissMod > 0 then
				with timeout of 9999 seconds
					set Respond2Error to the button returned of (display dialog "Warning! You are trying to print when there are " & MissMod & " missing or modified image(s)." buttons {"Print Anyway", "Skip"} default button 1 with icon 1 giving up after 9990)
				end timeout
				if Respond2Error is "Skip" then return
			end if

Model: G5 OSX 10.4.8
Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Thnx Matt-Boy,
I’m just a little freaked out by the print code not doing the exact same thing as going to the File menu/Print.
Wonder if this is an acknowledged bug.