Quark Renumberring

Hi All,

I got one project and I seems it is quit difficult, and most often I am confused how should I start it.

I have a quark file with 100 pages and having levels of headings, for example in that file there is a paragraph style name called “H1” and before this head there is a level “1.1” as text in the trim area. Like this it goes to “1.105”, now I will have to delete few levels say “1.15” & “1.78”, now after deleting we will have to re-sequence it. How is it possible through AppleScript. I really appreciate any comment on it.

Thanks in Advance.


Can you post a bit of code? I’m not sure I understand what this is referencing…

What exactly do you need to delete and resequence? Text? Text boxes?



Ideally they would be named so that all you had to do is count the sequence number boxes and renumber their content accordingly. Since the document was probably not set up with this in mind then your success depends on the uniqueness of the placement of the boxes and their content. Find the common elements to each to filter out the text boxes that you do not want. The way to script would be written depends as much on the document and sequence numbering rules as it does the script itself so it would be hard to get started without the document.

From what you describe though the first thing I would look at is the origin of the bounds of the text box, which is probably set at a common x coordinate for the verso pages and another for the recto pages. If they are set at a common y coordinate then that makes it easier. You might also have to check the width and or the height, fill, rule, etc. I would use as few checks as possible to get a common id of the boxes. You might be able to use the story as well, or instead. You could look for stories with 1 paragraph having no more than 5 characters with 1 period.

Personally I would build a routine to find and name the boxes, this way if you needed to do it again you could skip this part and just do the renumbering. As for the renumbering again it depends on the document. Does it start at 1.1 and continue from there till the document ends, or does it get to a certain number, say 1.99, and then move up to 2.1.

This would be easy if the templates were set up with scripting in mind, it’s a lot harder to go back and add this to a project that is in place.