Quark Script anyone??

Of all the scripts that I have here and there, I found that I require a script that correctly sizes an image out of Quark to Photoshop.

  1. I want to be able to click on the image of choice under Quark
  2. trigger the script
  3. Launches, or brings Photoshop to the front
  4. takes whatever measurement scaled in Quark, and scales the image in question
  5. saves the image and closes the window in Photoshop
  6. updates the image automajicly under Quark
    I have not had the opportunity to even attempt to script this, but if someone out there just happens to have one already done and tested, I would be very appreciative :slight_smile:
    Thanks to all, and thanks in Advance

Although Photoshop now sells it self as a scriptable application the truth of the matter is the script ability of PhotoShop can be written on the back of a stamp. If you want to do some series automated work in PhotoShop then get a copy of PhotoScripter from mainevent, and now I have no affiliation with the company what so ever.
So as you can gather this solution will require a copy of Photoscripter in order to work
The script below will do what you want you may have to up date the reference to the picture box as this script (of which this is an extract) was written for Quark 3.32r1, It has not been tested under Any version number greater than this.
tell application “Adobe Photoshop® 5.0”
set resolution_temp to resolution of current document
adjust the current document changing the image size to {width:a as percent, height:b as percent, resolution:resolution_temp}
close document 1 saving yes