Quark Shade property of Character Style Sheets

Does anyone know if it is possible to script the changing of the SHADE property of a Character Style (Character Spec Class).

The Shade property is actually inherited through the Character Attributes Class but this class requires the first character of a text box to be selected first. I don’t want to select a single character in a text box because I want to globally change this property throughout the entire document.

If this is possible I will be getting the script to change any Character Style sheets that are currently set to 1% Black and make them 100% Black, do a print out and then close without saving.

I am OK with everything else except this one Shade property.

When I have tried what I would expect to be the right syntax I get an error stating “Can’t get shade of character spec X … etc…”

Any pointers on the right syntax?



You have to use the raw event code for character attributes («class CATR») if you have QuarkXPress 4. It’s fixed in later versions.

tell app "QuarkXPress™ 4.11"
set shade of «class CATR» of every character spec of document 1 to "100%"
end tell

Answer compliments of Shirley W. Hopkins’s “Applescripting QuarkXPress”

Thanks for the tip Dennis … I have just gone and purchased a copy of her book along with her other book on InDesign as if that is where you got your info then it must be a good resource.