Quark text boxes

I’m writing a script to take paragraphs from TexEdit and place them into seperate text boxes in Quark
Everything works fine except I can’t figure how to make it so all of the boxes are not in the same place

I’m tying to get the bounds of the first created box, and have the next created box be underneath the first

any help would be appreciated

set boxOrigin1 to {“1"”, “1"”, “1.375"”, “2.5"”}

tell application “TextEdit”
set boxCount to count of paragraphs of document 1
set annoList to paragraphs of document 1
end tell

tell application “QuarkXPress”

repeat with i from 1 to count of items of annoList
	make new text box at page 1 of document 1 with properties {bounds:boxOrigin1, frame:{color:color spec "Black" of document 1 of application "QuarkXPress", gap color:null, gap shade:"100%", shade:"100%", style:solid line, width:"0.5 pt"}, vertical justification:centered, runaround:none runaround, color:color spec "White" of document 1 of application "QuarkXPress"}
	tell document 1
		set story 1 of text box 1 to (my get_name(item i of annoList)) as string
		set properties of story 1 to {font:"HelveticaNeue MediumCond", size:"10 pt"}
		set properties of paragraph 1 of story 1 of text box 1 to {justification:centered}
	end tell
end repeat

end tell

on get_name(the_path)
set old_delim to AppleScript’s text item delimiters
set AppleScript’s text item delimiters to {“:”}
set the_name to (text item -1 of (the_path as string))
set AppleScript’s text item delimiters to old_delim
return the_name
end get_name

I just did some reseach after my post on the forums, and I’m thinking it may be the issue that Quark might give you results that look like a list, but they aren’t

It looks like I may need to use Quarks own “coerce” command to do what I’m trying, that might explain why my errors were all about “Quark can’t make “values” into a number”

I’ll try this stuff out… and post what I come up with