quark xml import xtension by applescript

Hi all,

i a little quark project i use the xml import xtension for quark (7.3.1) on Mac.

I have 8 Text boxes and 2 Picture boxes which are toggled as placeholders to a xml file.

every thing works fine.

Now i will automate this by applescript:

Here is my script which doesn´t work:

tell application “QuarkXPress Passport”
tell document 1
–detach Placeholders
import document 1 from alias “Systemdisk:Users:sschulz:quak:test4.xml” as “XML”
toggle Placeholders

      do updates 
    end tell   
on error errmsg number errnum
    if errnum ≠ -128 then
        display dialog errmsg & " [" & errnum & "]" buttons {"OK"} default button 1 with icon stop
    end if
end try

end tell

Any suggestions hints?

best regards