Quark XPress 3.3 and destination folder


Is there any way to choose the destination path for saving documents as EPS or QXD with a script?
With my script i open Quark with document name xyz and it will saved for the first time with

save pahge 1 in newEPSName …


save document 1 in newDocmentName

But if i choose menu option “Save Page as EPS…” the Selection Dialog doesn’t changed to the last Save folder i declared in newEPSName !?

How can i tell the “choose folder” another folder as it’s default the Desktop ?

Is there anybody who knows an answer?

Thx, housekatze

Hi :slight_smile:
Here a litlle suggestion:

tell application "QuarkXPress™ 3.32"
	set DestinationFolder to (choose folder)
	set NewDocName to "My QXP Doc"
	set NewDocPath to (DestinationFolder as text) & NewDocName
	save document 1 in NewDocPath
end tell



Thank you for answer, but i think it’s not that what i want. :cry:
I describe it with other words:

I start a little script that opens new document in Quark with some document features like height and width etc…

The script forces Qurak to save the actual document with myFilename and myFilepath… So if you later click in Menu “Save” it will saved in myFilepath:myFilename… It works !

Now some peaple work and paint greeeeeeat pictures with in Quark :wink: and last action now is to save the page to an EPS !.. WITH the original Dialog “Save as EPS to…” from the Quark menu.

But Quark doesnt change automatically to the folder myFilepath… the User must select new path and name by Dialog.

How / or is it possible that Quark changes automatically to myFilepath?


Save the EPS using the save command. You have to specify where you want the file to be saved. This code saves it in the same location as the original document, with a .eps extension.

tell app "QuarkXPress"
   set filePath to file path of document 1
   tell document 1
      -- if there is more than 1 page, create a list of pages and repeat through the list
      -- you have to save EPSs by page, not document
      save page 1 EPS format MAC color EPS data Binary eps OPI include images in ((filePath as string) & ".eps")
   end tell
end tell


Thank you for that.
It is not that what i want, but i see there is no way to use the Quark build in dialog “Save Page as EPS…” because there isn’t a way to tell this dialog the default fiel name and path… the user must go on and type in those informations by hand.

So i have the idea to put a “Save EPS” script onto the desktop, so the users have only to start that script and the current document in quark will saved with right path names and file names…

… but: Resulting EPS is NOT the same as created by hand !
The created “BoundingBox” parameters are bad. It were scaled by app. 2.991 … Resulting BoundingBox is to large.

What’s my mistake in mind?


You are correct, there is no way to script the “Save Page As EPS…” dialog in QuarkXPress. You will have to use the “Save to EPS” applescript command.

That being said, If you do not specify the bleed and scale when using AppleScript to save to a PostScript file, QuarkXPress will use the last settings used. This may be what is causing your resulting PS file to be the wrong size.

Try specifying bleed and scale in the save command like this:

tell application "QuarkXPress™"
	set newFilePath to "My Folder:My File" as string
	save page 1 of document 1 in file newFilePath EPS format Mac color EPS data binary EPS OPI include images scale 100 bleed 0.125 with include preview
end tell

Thanks to you “lewiscot” this line to save an EPS out of Quark solved my problem. (enter KUDOS here)

cheers of joy,