QuarkXPress: Customizing dialog

Hi all!

I found a script for Indesign CS2, but need the same in QuarkXPress 4.11. How it works? Thanks!

--Simple User Interface Example
tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"
	set myDialog to make dialog
	tell myDialog
		set name to "Simple User Interface Example Script"
		set myDialogColumn to make dialog column
		tell myDialogColumn
			--Create a text entry field.
			set myTextEditField to make text editbox with properties ¬
				{edit contents:"Hello World!", min width:180}
			--Create a number (real) entry field.
			set myPointSizeField to make real editbox with properties {edit contents:"72"}
		end tell
		--Get the settings from the dialog box.
		--Get the point size from the point size field.
		set myPointSize to edit contents of myPointSizeField as real
		--Get the example text from the text edit field.
		set myString to edit contents of myTextEditField
		--Remove the dialog box from memory.
		destroy myDialog
	end tell
end tell

Dmitri Martirosian,

What is the ultimate goal for this script?



no, there is no chance for XPress.

Greets from

You would have to move to AppleScript Studio to get the dialog boxes for use with Quark. As far as I know the only program that offers custom dialog boxes in it’s scripting dictionary is InDesign and a similar feature has not been added to Quark.