QuarkXpress image paths

My QuarkXpress image file path-script works pretty well.
But there must be an open quark document to get the script working.

Is it possible to get the image file path from a quark document even if it’s not open…?

(A tricky one I suppose. Even for the Quark support)

There might be a way by reading the ascii part of the Quark file, but looking at one opened up in BBEdit I can’t find anything to search for. My bet would be that you would have to open the file.

Maybe thats the only way…
It’s possible to convert a quark into a simple text file. Then, how to extract just the ascii part is another task…maybe BBEdit can do it.

Thanks for the tip!

If you know the codes to look for you could just load the document into a variable and parse the ascii code in the string. The tricky part is finding the code that designates the link, and this probably isn’t the easiest thing to do, it is a propriatary format after all. You might be best served by opening the documents, forcing it to not update art so that it opens faster, then pulling the links from there.

I have now sorted out the ascii part but there is no way of getting any useful information from the text :frowning:

I probably have to solve my problems in another way…hopefuly with a little help from Quark.

Thanks anyway!