QuarkXpress : make a new document, give it a name, set size

I’m trying to create a new QuarkXpress document from within a RealBasic app using AppleScript. I need to set the name and some parameters like width and height but for some reason (well prolly coz I don’t know anything about applescript :lol: ) it won’t work

my first attempt was

tell application “QuarkXPress Passport”
set myDoc to make new document
tell myDoc
set name to “test”
end tell
end tell

but since name is read/only (it took me 20 mins to figure that out alone…) this didn’t work. So I figured out the only way to do it is save the document.

tell application “QuarkXPress Passport”
set myDoc to make new document --with properties {name:{“test”}}
save myDoc as “test”
end tell

but then I got the error : some parameter wasn’t understood

Can someone tell me how to do this and also tell me how to set the width and height of the document and/or create a text box with a specified width and height.

sorry if this is basic but Applescript is new and very weird to me.

Mucho TIA

tell application “Finder”
set x to desktop of startup disk
set x to x as string
set theName to text returned of (display dialog “Please enter the name for the QuarkXpress file” default answer “”) as string
set x to x & theName as string
end tell

tell application “QuarkXPress™ 4.11”
set thedoc to make new document with properties {page width:“3”, page height:“3”}
save thedoc in file x
close document 1 saving no
end tell