Question about manually renaming pictures with preview ?


this is my first post ( and question here ).

I have to solve the following workflow-problem at the moment and i think that Scripting ( Automator ) could be the right solution for this:

I need to rename a big amount of pictures ( let´s say 50.000, all RAW-Files ) almost “by hand”.

The new name input comes from a barcode scanner and has to be done manually.

So i need a little program that will go through a directory ( from a certain file on ) and bring up a dialog with a big preview of the picture,
asking for the new name. Than the new name will be entered via the bar code scanner and after pressing the enter key ( also done by the
scanner ), the script should continue to the next Image.

So no further keyboad interaction should be needed …

I tried something with the Automator, but i don´t know how to show up the preview there …

I am new to the Apple scripting, so some of you may have an advice how to start and where to look.

Thank you and best regards,


Hi Fabian,

welcome to MacScripter.

In plain AppleScript it is not possible to show a big preview of an image within a dialog box.
But certainly you could do this in AppleScript Studio