Question about Numbers


When a script trigger some functions of Numbers, it must wait before triggering an other function.
In some cases I insert a look checking a detail allowing to decide if the task is completed.
I’m puzzled by two cases for which I have no answer.

(1) how may we check that the instruction
sort by column 1
is fully executed.

(2) how may we check that the instruction
set selection range to range (firstCell & “:” & lastCell)
is fully executed.

At this time I must insert a hard coded delay required by the larger table / range to treat.
It’s a bit annoying because most of the time, the tables are smaller.

Is one of you aware of an efficient tip ?

Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) jeudi 13 février 2014 17:50:40

No, but I hope you are logging the fact that a pause is needed as a bug.

Hello Shane

I will do but I’m a bit tired.
Too many oddities reported with no correction months later.

Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) vendredi 14 février 2014 09:43:10