Question about Timeout and AS engine

hello to everyone.

I’m preparing a script that make some shot from isight and put them in the image folder.
Script works fine (of course, thnx to Stefank :slight_smile: ) but after many shot (apparently random) script goes in timeout.
I know that I can add this command:

with timeout of 10000 seconds -- 10000 sec is apparently 2h and half
do something
end timeout

In my script user chooses how many shot to do and between how many seconds, so I can calculate how many seconds exactly I need and put them in a variable. But the question is more important.

Why AppleScript goes in Timeout in a regular repeat routine? Why have I to add a timeout?
I have no errors on running script, I have tried with 60 shot, one every 60 seconds, and no one time the script was arrived at 10 shot.

Happy to hear every suggest or comments, and sorry for my English: I’m Italian, you know…


Salve Matteo,

a timeout happens, when one command takes more than approx. 2 minutes to be executed
e.g. copying a large file with the move command

Some months ago I wrote a little app named EyeSight, which also takes pictures using isightcapture. In my app I set a little break between the shots for security, that no timing confusion can happen.

Hope it helps

It helps a lot. Too much, in fact!
So, next time i’ll decide to build an application I’ll promise to myself to take a look on Versiontracker, Macupdate and googleworld!

But in fact, goal is not to put an application on meny site, but to build it (as stefank help, I know!).