Question from a newbie - "Apple event timed out"

I’ve used Applescript a few times over the years, but not a lot. I’m trying to create an app which will copy a jobs folder onto another hard drive and then shut down the machine.

The idea is that it will be a cheap back-up system - at the end of the day, whoever is last to leave the office could click on the app and have relevant jobs backed up and shut the machine down.

I’ve got the script created, no problemo. The problem is that it takes a few minutes to copy the jobs folder to the second hard drive, and while this is happening, I get a message which says “Apple event timed out”, and that’s it - it finishes copying but won’t do anything else.

Is there a way to fix this or a perhaps a workaround?



with timeout of 36000 seconds --> or whatever amount of time
	--> do whatever long operation
	--> tell app "Finder" to duplicate folder "whatever" to folder "whatever2"
end timeout


Perfect! :smiley:


Did a search, found this tread - HELPED, thanks from another newbie to jj, and to beaverfever 8)

Cool. I’ll drink then one more beer :twisted:

Take two!

Anyway great forum, guess I’ll be hanging here a lot from now on, and who knows, in ten years from now I might be able to help U 8)