Questions (Basically, a "help" thread)

Issue 1.

Ok… I’ve noticed that OSX dropped the voice authentication option from OS9… I’ve found a way to combat this I think through Applescripts. The thing is, I’m relatively new to it (I started thrashing through it a few nights ago), so I need a bit of help.

Basically, I have it set up as a modification to Jon Udell’s interactive Voice Response menu from his article “Speakable Web Services.”

tell application “SpeechRecognitionServer”
local choices
set choices to {“My Voice is my Password”}
set thePrompt to “Please provide voice authentication before beginning worksession.”
set theResult to listen for choices with prompt thePrompt giving up
after 10
say (do shell script “/Users/Steve” & theResult)
end try
end tell

Basically, I want it so if I don’t say the phrase “My Voice is my Password” within a set amount of time, I want the script to log me out (if possible, again, I don’t fully understand the language of Scripting yet.)

Issue 2.

I want to set up a script where if I come in range of a wireless network, I want the computer to tell me “You’re in range of a Wireless network.”

Issue 3.

I would also like to know the url of a reliable SOAP temperature applet URL so that I could tie it into my script, which is as follows (and copied from Jon Udell)

tell application “
set theResult to call soap {method name:“getTemp”, parameters:{zipcode:“85364”}, method namespace uri:“urn:xmethods-Temperature”, SOAPAction:“TemperatureService”}
end tell

say theResult & " degrees currently." as string

It seems that the rpcrouter from isn’t responding.

I realize I’m new to this forum, and that this might be stepping out of bounds. I thank you for your time and look forward to growing that much more because of this community!!!

Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)