Quick Indesign Question


I’ve been asked to look into a script to merge several indesign Documents to one multipage doc.
From what i can see in the indesign CS3 Dictionary it wouldn’t be straight forward if at all possible, and from my searches on this forum
and else where it looks like it hasn’t been done.
I’m aware that Ben Waldie has created a merge indesign docs automator action which is probably gonna be our last option.
Would the code behind that action be applescript or javascript or some other coding language?
Or if anybody has any ideas then i would be very grateful.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not adverse to paying for the automator actions from Ben, i just think it would be something that could be applescripted.

Thanks in advance


I don’t have ID in front of me right now but I think this would be easily accomplished. I’ve written similar scripts for Quark Xpress when I used to do catalog work and syntactically the two are not that far apart. Straight Applescript, btw.

Jim Neumann

Does the end result need to be a fully editable merger of the documents or a combination of the pages for output purposes. I have not done it other than to try it out but in CS3 you can place an ID document into another as you would an image. As I understand it then there is a link to the original so if it is edited it will automatically update in the combined document. If you need a fully merged file then it would probably be a bit more complex but should be doable.


Thanks Guys for your opinions i appreciate it.
I reckon i’m gonna look into what jerome suggests and go for placing in the actual indesign files into a multipage doc!!