Quick question...

While my script is performing tasks, can I get a dialog that displays “Please wait”, that has no buttons, and will end when the script has finished it’s tasks?

Sorry for the super-noob questions, I am new to Applescript, but I am learning (and it’s a fun tool).


Nope, unless you use some alternative technology, such as applescript-studio, appearance osax http://www.24usoftware.com/AppearanceOSAX or Extra Suites http://www.kanzu.com/

AppleScript cannot do this without additional software (unless you develop something with AppleScript Studio). I usually suggest and recommend Extra Suites for this type of request. It offers many features that are desired by scripters, including progress bars and dialogs (messages) with no buttons.

– Rob

Thanks guys :smiley:

As a free alternative, you could script an application like text edit to open with a short message about the code processing, then close it at the end of processing. You could even show a dialog at the end of processing if the user could have started doing something else. Not quite UI goodness, bu a decent homegrown solution.