QuickDraw or OpenGL with AS Studio?

Is it possible to use the NSQuickDraw and NSOpenGL items in Interface Builder and use them through AS Studio?

I guess what I’m asking is, I’ve got a game program to write and I’m not sure if I can do it in AS Studio or whether I need to use Cocoa. I’m not trying to do any time-sensitve animation, just throw up a display of game progress graphically.

Are there any references for doing such? I’m in the process of learning Cocoa, but would much rather do this project in AS since I’m more familiar with it and think I can cobble together the first draft in AS much faster than it Cocoa.

Besides, if I can do it in AS, I can upload it here! :wink:

Nitewing '98

Everything works…in theory.

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If this is a ‘real’ game (with sprites and sounds and stuff, as opposed to some dirt simple ‘20 Questions’ which can be written anywhere), you should forget about using AS as it simply isn’t equipped for that sort of work. I recommend you go somewhere like the iDevGames forum and ask for advice there. If you can be more specific about the type of game you’re looking to write I’m sure they can point you in a suitable direction regarding languages and frameworks and learning materials: REALbasic, Python+PyGame, C++, etc.


No, nothing complicated with sprites and so forth. It’s more a turn-based game, say on the order of Minesweeper or Othello. So not a lot of graphic work, icons or small static graphics that could be moved from place to place on the “board” would suffice.

Nitewing '98

Minesweeper you could do in pure Studio easily enough since it’s all very static and simple; just a big old button matrix where you change the button’s images when they’re clicked. I’m pretty sure that something that involves dragging pieces around a game board a-la Checkers will get very tricky however. The Studio API is very limited outside of the classes and events that are directly bridged already; you can invoke methods on Cocoa classes and instances, but that’s about it. Anything deeper than that and you hit a brick wall. Studio was really designed for making simple general-purpose desktop apps, not more specialised stuff like game development. Again, the best thing to do would be to post a clear description of your requirements to the iDevGames forum and ask the folks there for further advice. Get some good frameworks under you and you’ll be laughing. Good luck.