I decided to download Quickeys just to check it out. Managed to eliminate speakable items. Recorded a something. Where did it go? Maybe its my fault 'cause I forgot the name of what I recorded, so, I couldn’t search for anything. Is there any fun thing that you can do with this. BTW, I checked, and now I have 2 scripting components! Yeah! 29 days and 22 hours to go.
Thanks, Kel.

Maybe I should define what is fun. In this case, it would be something that would make you say things like ooo, ohhh, ahhh, or whooo.
Have a good one, Me.

Don’t try this demo! It places a window on your desktop on startup. I hate that. Well, It’s about time for my semi annual software restore back to factory conditions anyway.

I presume you are reacting to a nag that appears until you pay. As it only appears when you boot up it really isn’t that big a problem, is it? Once dismissed it has gone for that session.

I couldn’t disagree more with you. I have used QK for years and years and years. Life without QK would be unthinkable - and most users seem to say the same.
Don’t get hysterical. Learn how to use it - it’s pretty simple - and soon I bet you too won’t want life without it.

Also, especially important perhaps to you - it marries beautifully with AS in Oh-so-many ways.

One caveat - I gather that the X version still has far too much that isn’t yet implemented.

I concur. I’ve been using QK since the days of my SE (with a full megabyte of RAM!). It’s use has become so automatic that when I get on someone else’s machine I have to think really hard about how to do things the old, slow, manual way. My QK shortcuts are basic to the way I work. Not only does QK integrate beautifully with the OS, it also provides three different ways to integrate with AppleScript.

Ok. Back to normal. I really don’t need developers to do things like that to my system. Don’t you think its terrible? Quickeys has a negative rating in my book.

Hi Everybody,
Thanks for your replies. It did look like a great app while it lasted :-). But, nope, not reinstalling.
Hard headed man boy, Kel.

Would you re-install it and take some screen shots so we can see what earned this negative rating? :stuck_out_tongue:

So sorry…
I was on the verge of suggesting you to make a one-click Quickey to dismiss QK’s Welcome screen, but I may be late…
Eelco Houwink
PS. Use QK 5.x to set expectations for QK OSX.

Kel, you’re past being interested now but - just to be sure you understood what Eelco meant by “one-click” - you click nothing - QK does it as part of your boot-up routine. Of course you could do that with AS, but… A sledgehammer to crack a nut? Horses for courses. No-one, but no-one with QK would not have done what Eelco says - it takes 3 seconds to set it up. Tell the truth - did you create an AS app to do the job? Could you have done that in 3 seconds?

When a prospective client of mine becomes a firm client I click a button and QK transfers all personal details from one HyperCard stack to another, creates a ‘CaseNotes’ file in Word using a template, fills in all sorts of details as a header to that doc, makes duplicate copies of the doc on two external disks, sends the new file from up here in my study to the computer in my surgery, adds the new patient’s name to an (AS/DD) app with a window permanently on one side of the screen so that at any time I can instantly open anyone’s Notes, Encrypt them, duplicate them, archive them, etc, (most of those things are done by AS, but some by the app telling QK to do it) and QK ends that routine by entering the person’s next appointment in my (AS/DD again) diary. During all this I would dearly love to join Marc for coffee but the whole thing takes about 15 seconds so I don’t bother.
My wife has got used to using Cmnd-S occasionally (she learned the hard way), but screams if I suggest Cmnd-C instead of using the menu. On her computer she uses almost the same routine as mine for her patients. All she does is follow the labels - F5 backup - F6 Create Notes, F7… If I mentioned QK to her I’m sure she would think I’m talking about a new piano teaching idea. She’s never heard of it but she wouldn’t cope without it - she’d be calling me.

The sequence contains 87 steps - I just checked. The ‘fun’ of doing all that by hand might wear off if you had to do it a few times a day. Also, I’m absolutely sure that if - after doing this via a QK click for so many years - I now tried doing it by hand I would mess something up.
Keep having fun


Hard headed man boy, Kel" No, never - he’s just a fun-loving (funny?) guy.

If I hadn’t seen the start of this thread I would be certain you were talking about AppleScript - difficult, complicated, no fun - and it doesn’t even play music. Get rid of it.
Take no notice of Marc or of me - the very idea of using something all the time year after year after year, hardly remembering that it’s the ‘something’ that makes it work, well it just shows that we are both a bit crazy. AppleScript? Who wants it? Ditch it before you find you start relying on it.

Hi Andreas and Marc and Eelco,
If you’re trying to impress me then you’ve succeeded. Here at home my tasks are minimal though. I’ll be thinking about ways that it could help at work though. I hate filling out forms and it seems like this is an area where it could be utilized. The DOE is starting to implement a new iSPED form filling thing and everyone is not very enthusiastic about it. Thanks for all the great info from you and Marc. You’re a great bunch.
Have a good one, Kel. ps. I’m wowed and ooed when I don’t have to work so hard too.

I have a QK shortcut saved as an application. It sits in my Startup Items folder. At startup it initiates an online session through Remote Access. When it determines that the session is established it triggers my AppleScript shortcut that starts up Netscape Communicator. When it sees that NC is ready it downloads all my mail. If I don’t intervene within five minutes it shuts down the internet session and puts the computer to sleep.

This may not be as exciting as playing Quake, but it certainly makes my life a lot easier. I turn on the computer in the morning, go to make a pot of coffee, and by the time I get back all my mail is ready to read.

How do you eliminate speakable items? I’ve just downloaded the demo and was not able to dismiss the Speech Recognition window(even when speakable items is turn off)
Jean-baptiste LE STANG

Run the Control Panel. I think it was in the Preferences.

Hey. If the forms are going to be on websites, you could use the ‘do script’ capability of Internet Explorer to fill out forms and submit them.