Quicktime 7.2 Export Movie with certain settings

due to a bug in Quicktime 7.2 I need to export a movie with the help of AppleScript.

The Script I have opens a existing reference-Movie(movie 1) and copies a certain part from it.
It then opens a new Movie(movie 2) and inserts what was copied.

All working well up to here. Now as save as selfcontaines and save won’t work I need to export movie 2 with the exact same values for codec ect. as movie 1 has. Preferably as self contained.

Is there any way to copy the movie settings from movie 1 and use them for saving movie 2?

If not, can someone please point me to a good how to or code example to get all settings set correctly via AppleScript?

Thanks a lot


Please post your current script here.