Quicktime Batch

I need a script that i can select a folder of video files and quicktime adds a specified file to the beggining of each one of those files. Any one know of one or can help me write one? I just started messing with applescript and can’t figure it out.

If no one offers code…

QuickTime Player is recordable. This means that if you are able to do everything manually (might require QuickTime Pro), Script Editor can generate a script as you go through the motions. We can then help adapt the script to do batches.

– Rob

i can do the quicktime stuff i basically was just asking for a script that selects all files in a folder and lines them up to do what i want it to in order

Maybe this is close to what you need.

set target_folder to (choose folder with prompt "Select the folder containing the video files.")
tell application "Finder" to set files_ to (files of target_folder) as alias list

repeat with file_ in files_
	tell application "QuickTime Player"
		-- do something to file_
	end tell
end repeat

– Rob