Quicktime Conversion : AVI to MOV on a server


I’m an animation Editor. We throw around a lot of files in the AVI format around here. Final Cut Pro doesn’t like AVIs, it likes MOVs. More specifically it likes MOVs in a codec it likes. I’ve chosen to use photo-jpeg for now, because it’s small. When I get new animation, I’ve been reconverting the files by hand using Compressor or Quicktime Pro on a case by case basis.

We’re starting a new project and I’d like to streamline the workflow.

There are about 35 scenes in the movie. Each scene, has an AVI file labeled “000” to denote the most current. I’d like to take each of these files, reconvert them to Photo-Jpeg and save them in the same folder as the AVI.

After toying around for a day, I’ve been able to

search for “000”
reconvert using most recent settings
save in a specific folder that I choose

The step that I’m having the most trouble with is saving the file in the same place that I (the computer) got it from.

I was able to find an action that allowed me to hand each file in the search through the process individually, called, Disperse Items Incrementally. I think this might be helpful if I could get the path from each file and save it there, but I wasn’t able to get it to work.

In an ideal world, this is what I’d like it to look like:

Search for “000”
hand the first file through the process
save the path
reconvert the file (replace the file if it already exists)
note saved file in a log
loop back
display log file when through the searched files.

I’m having the most trouble with the path. Any ideas or suggestions?