Quicktime Loop

I’m looking for a script that would turn Loop on whenever I click on the quicktime movie. I’ve search through Apple.com and didn’t find any.
Thanks ez

Do you mean when you click on a specific movie or any movie or all movies?
what version of quicktime? and your os?

Preferably embeded in the each individual movie. It’s for QT5 on OS9 or OSX.

if you mean you want to convert a bunch of movies so that they loop…
:: warning ::
:: i have not tested this (i don’t have QT5 pro on this mac) ::
:: warning ::
:: currently it saves over the original movies ::
save this as an application and then drag your folder of movies onto it… it will step through each movie in the folder… open it and turn on looping, save the change, close the movie and open the next…

on run
open {choose folder} 
end run 
on open (myFilesorfolders)
repeat with myItem in myFilesorfolders
tell application "Finder"
if kind of myItem is "folder" then
set myFiles to every file of myItem
repeat with myFile in myFiles
if file type of myFile is "MooV" or name of myFile ends with ".mov" then
makeLoop(myFile) of me
end if
end repeat
set myFolders to every folder of myItem
tell me to open (myFolders)
if file type of myFile is "Moov" or name of myFile ends with ".mov" then
makeLoop(myItem) of me
end if
end if
end tell
end repeat end open on makeLoop(myFile)
tell application "QuickTime Player"
stop every movie
close every movie saving no
open myFile
set looping to true
save movie 1
close movie 1
end tell 
end makeLoop