QuickTime movie in AS Studio

Suppose I have the following statement:

set movie of movie view “movies” of window “show” to load movie “/User/Me/Movies/bdayparty4.mov”

Now I need to adjust the size of the movie view and window to fit the dimensions of the movie.
I have been searching everywhere to find statements that do this.

The ASS sample “talking heads” offers no solution for this. The movie frame in this application has been manually preset to fit the movie exacty.

I have been trying this:
set the size of window “show” to call method “size” of object theMovie
But any variation of this statement results in an error. I suppose this is only for images.

Yet I don’t understand what the use is of a movie view if you can’t set the dimensions/bounds of the movie view and window.
In that case the only way to make it work is to enter the dimensions of the move manually in advance. I can’t imagine that this is the only way.

Has anyone been able to make this work?
Is there some statement I have overlooked?

Any help would be much appreciated.