Quicktime player movie properties

I have 700 dv files that have split track audio, i need to turn off Channel 1 which I can do by opening Quicktime and open the “show movie Properties”
I then select the sound track go to channel Assignment and turn channel 1 to unused.
I have managed to script the file to turn the balance to the right but when I send to my Video Encoding device it ignores the balance setting.
If I disable Channel 1 in the Channel Assignment I can send to the video Encoder and it works…
Does anyone know how to script this

Many thanks


I’m looking for a similar solution to change the channel assignment. I have a script that will import 6 wav files into a single QT movie but I need to assign L, R, C, LFE, Ls and Rs for proper multichannel playback. I can Name the trackks effectively, but can’t getto the channel assignment parameter.