Quit an Application

How do a quit an application when it is not Scriptable?

Is their some finder command i can give.

Kevin :slight_smile:

Did you try:

tell application “your app” to quit

– Rob

Yes i have tried that “tell application “macpushagent6.6” to quit” but it just stays open. MacPushAgent6.6 is not a scriptable applictaion. So i need a way for the finder to make it quit or something along those lines.

Here is what i want to do
The program to quit after the backups are done!

Kevin :slight_smile:

I don’t know of a way to quit an unscriptable app when running a version of Mac OS prior to OS X. If the application offers a key command such as command-q to quit, you might be able to find a scripting addition to simulate the keystrokes.


– Rob

First to expand on Rob’s response. Download “Sandi’s Additions” from
Place it in your Scripting Additions folder and you can try

tell application "MacPushAgent6.6"to activate
typetext "Q" command true

If that is unsuccessful you try use the Scripting addition “Die” which force quits applications. Download the SA at
Install that SA in your Scripting Additions Folder and try the following

ignoring application responses
tell application "MacPushAgent6.6" to Die
end ignoring

Good Luck ! :rolleyes: