Quit script but leave dialog up

Is it possible to quit the script but have the dialog box remain visible?
Just something like

display dialog "hey man"

except with the return BEFORE the user touches anything. I just want it to display the dialog and stop as soon as it puts it up there.


Lol thanks. Is there anything else that would accomplish the same thing in a similar way? Perhaps telling TextEdit to display something?

AppleScript is single threaded, it is not possible within a single script.
You could create a second script (as application) and run the dialog box from there

Ok thanks. I just didn’t want my computer running a script for hours at a time when i leave a script on overnight. But I’ll use my TextEdit idea.

tell application "TextEdit"
	make new document
	set text of document 1 to "Error:
We're sorry, something has prevented this script from moving on.  Please close all unnecessary windows and continue on with all undownloaded songs."
end tell