QuizScipt- any ideas?

I made this short little script just for fun and I wonder if anyone had any good ideas on how to improve it.

Here it is:

set numberQ to text returned of (display dialog "How many questions would you like to ask?" default answer "1")
repeat numberQ times
	set QuestionA to text returned of (display dialog "Please type your question." default answer "Question")
	set QuestionAAnswer to text returned of (display dialog "Please enter your answer." default answer "Answer")
	set UserAnswer to text returned of (display dialog QuestionA default answer "")
	if QuestionAAnswer is equal to UserAnswer then
		display dialog "Good job!"
		display dialog "Sorry your wrong! The answer was " & QuestionAAnswer & "."
	end if
end repeat

I can’t wait t hear your feedback! :slight_smile:

Well making a quiz is one of the first things you do when making a program or learning how games works. To make the ultimate quiz game you need an good game engine inside it. For a quiz game you can make the game engine in Applescript if you want to learn how it works but have to tell you eventually you will reach the speed and graphical limits of Applescript.

So my first improvement would be storing all questions and answers into a file and randomly access them. You can improve it by adding localization in this file but also store categories and difficulties. At last you can add how many times the question is asked and how many times it has been answered correctly. A ratio between this gives an indication how difficult the questions is compared to the questions from the same category and difficulty.

Also an improvement would be multiple answers or multiple choice. Because when I ask how many symmetrical planes a cube have you can answer with nine or 9 so to avoid multiple answers possibility you can better make your questions multiple choice. The multiple choice questions needs three answers who are wrong but lies close to the answer.

Also you need to ask questions that can be proofed. A questions like “Who was the first women on earth” isn’t a correct question because it can be anybody depending on your believe because we cannot proof that. A good question should be “Who was the first women according to the bible?”.

At last (if you have to money for it) you make it MMO. So players can battle, compare highscores and you can assign moderators who administer the questions database.

I think these are some good suggestions :wink:

Thanks for the ideas!