[QXP] How can I set the Trap to Overprint by default?

I need to set the color created to overprint all other colors by default. This can be done easily in manual mode by Edit > Color > Edit Trap and change the trap value to Overprint.

I am stuck in the following script:

tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
	tell document 1
		make color spec at beginning with properties {name:"Spot", separation:false, color type:CMYK type, CMYK color value:{0, 65535, 0, 0}}
		How can I set the Trap Specifications for color "Spot" to Trap Overprint in default?
	end tell
end tell

Please advise. TIA!

I am still awaiting for some clues…

Anyone could help? TIA

I found your question searching the forum. I know I’m 5 years late but this clue could be usefull for anyone else.

I use this command to change black text to use Overprint:

set trap text of every text style range of every story where its color is "Black" and shade is "100%" to overprint

Hope this helps.