[QXP] How to create new color swatch in LAB values?

From Quark dictionary, found that we can create new color swatch in CMYK, RGB and HSB (sample below shows RGB). How can I create a new color swatch in LAB? Please advise.

set Red to 100 * 655.35
set Green to 50 * 655.35
set Blue to 15 * 655.35
tell application "QuarkXPress Passport"
	tell document 1
		make color spec at beginning with properties {name:"Orange", separation:false, color type:RGB type, RGB color value:{Red, Green, Blue}}
	end tell
end tell

P.S. The sample script shows that I need to multiply the required RGB values by 655.35 (which I learn from the forum), why is it so?

I can not help with the LAB bit. I do not have any variety of Quark here (and the Scriptable Applications resource (online AppleScript dictionary listings) seems to have disappeared).

Presumably, this is because your Quark application expects color component values in the range from 0-65535 (unsigned 16-bit integer). Your reference color component values are percentages. 655.35 is simply the conversion factor from the range 0-100 (percentages) to the range 0-65535 (unsigned 16-bit integers).

Thank you Chris for your prompt answer on the second part of my questions.
I hope someone can help me on the LAB value issue, because I need it to deal with some color management stuff.