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Is there any way to remotely script System Events on another mac? My goal is to control Keynote using another computer.

Here’s what’s working:

  • I’ve got System Events working on the local machine (can control keynote)
  • I can control the remote machine (e.g. can run iTunes)

When I try to use this code below, I get an error “expected end of line” between “tell process” and “Keynote”. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

set RemoteMac to "eppc://"

	tell application "System Events" of machine RemoteMac
		tell process "Keynote"
			tell menu bar 1
				click menu item "Play Slideshow" of menu "View"
			end tell
		end tell
	end tell
end try

Both Computers:
OS X 10.2.8
UI Scripting Beta (System Events 1.2)[/b]

Two things come to mind…

First is you need to make sure you’ve enabled support for assistive devices on the remote machine otherwise GUI scripting won’t work.

Secondly you may need to ‘tell application “Keynote” of machine RemoteMac’, but I’m not absolutely sure.