r/w title tag of a wav file

I’m trying to write the title tags of my wav files in my iTunes library (which are stored in the .itl library file) into the wav RIFF chunk so the metadata can be viewed in my DJ software.
I believe I am looking for the ‘INFO’ RIFF chunk in the wav file.

Using a different file format for my iTunes collection is not possible due to DJ equipment only supporting certain file types.

As far as I know, the only way to write a tag in Applescript is through iTunes, but I want the tag to be stored in the file, not the iTunes library, and iTunes doesn’t write to wav files. So this does not work.

I have tried:

Downloading and installing a command line extension called Exiftool, but it doesn’t allow writing to wav files.

I have looked into Taglib

I ran cmake and compiled it.
I installed Xcode
and the current version of 1.9.1 says it allows r/w to wav files. Looks promising!

So downloaded I (think) I have installed it correctly, but when I run the command in the terminal it says command not found.

I’ve found this page which mentions about wav writing, from TagLib API documentation.


Although I do have a fair understanding of Applescript. Im not knowledgable enough in programming to interpret the data on this page. It all looks like a foreign language to me.

Can anyone share some advice?


“command not found” means that applescript can’t find the command you downloaded. (I assume you try to execute it with a do shell script.)

The cure is to prepend the command with its full posix path. Now, if you can successfully execute the command from the command line then "which will give you the full posix path. Copy this from the terminal window, or drag the command from a finder window into the do shell script line, and retry.

Good Luck.

I’ve found out that the library I was trying to install is for C++ and not Shel (Taglib)l. So thats why the commands don’t work. Does anyone know how to achieve r/w to wav files directly with shell/applescript?