Random Number Within Range But Excluding

Hey all, I want to write a function that will generate a random number, but I want to exclude the last number generated… ie: A random number from 1 to 10 but it cannot be 8… I know how to get a random number between 1 and 10, but how do I exclude 8 without asking later if the number is equal to 8?

on rnd()

	set randomNumber to (random number from 1 to 10) as integer
	return randomNumber
end rnd


something like this. It passes the last number as parameter

property randomNumber : 0

set randomNumber to rnd(randomNumber)

on rnd(lastNumber)
		set rndNumber to (random number from 1 to 10)
		if rndNumber is not lastNumber then return rndNumber
	end repeat
end rnd


global lastRnd
set lastRnd to 0

on rnd()
	set minVal to 1
	set maxVal to 10
	if lastRnd ≠ 0 then
		set maxVal to maxVal - minVal - 2
		set minVal to 0
	end if
	set randomNumber to (random number from minVal to maxVal) as integer
	set lastRnd to ((randomNumber + lastRnd) mod 10) + 1
	return lastRnd
end rnd

Edited to allow for result ranges beginning with other than 1

Here is my deterministic runtime version:

to make_randomSourceWithNoRepeats(lo, hi)
	-- NOTE: By definition, this is less "random" than the even the normal, poor, pseudo random source.
		property lastValue : missing value
		to rnd()
			set high to hi
			if lastValue is not missing value then
				-- reduce the range
				set high to high - 1
			end if
			set randomValue to random number from lo to high
			if lastValue is not missing value then
				-- adjust the value selected from the reduced range to avoid the previous value
				if randomValue ≥ lastValue then
					set randomValue to randomValue + 1
				end if
			end if
			set lastValue to randomValue
			return randomValue
		end rnd
	end script
end make_randomSourceWithNoRepeats

set r to make_randomSourceWithNoRepeats(1, 10)
set l to {}
repeat 100 times
	set end of l to r's rnd()
end repeat

oh, ok, thanks!