Raw Camera file conversion to PSD?

I am in need of an automation to open a nikon NEF file (or any raw camera file) and process through opening it and saving it as a CMYK photoshop .psd file.

here’s some steps to mind:
1- open raw camera file*
—* this may open a separate camera file window for color correction, if so, i’d like to set it to default to Tungsten lighting
2- then open it in psd
(the following could be done as a PSD action, but i’d like it to all be done together with the list above:)

3- convert from RGB to CMYK
4- save as psd 5" X 7" 300 dpi in folder W
5- save as psd 3" X 5" 300 dpi in folder X
5- save as psd 3" X 5" 150 dpi in folder Y
6- save as psd 3" X 5" 72 dpi RGB in folder Z
7- Close file

my questions: 1. what is the best way to do this? i’ve tride with photoshop’s automation, and so far, it won’t automate thru the raw conversion process.
2. What would be the best method: Automator? applescript? xcode? or am i missing something in photoshop’s actions?

thanks for your suggestions… you are all the best!

I don’t have Photoshop to test this, but I think it can all be done with Automator. There are a lot of PhotoShop actions available to you, all for free. Check here:

and seach “photoshop”. This one will probably be the help with your needs:

Go to Ben’s site for an update. Don’t know if there’s a RAW conversion action in there. But this will help:


The Camera Raw action is an Automator version of dcraw, the most popular and flexible raw converter out there.

Sorry I’m not giving you an exact workflow. But the idea is:

Raw Conversion action from the Camera Raw library with files put on Desktop
PhotoShop actions
Move Finder Items action to put them where you want them.

You can save the workflow as an Image Capture plugin which would launch when the camera is connected.