Re: Would like to get button name or Id (to get button name) for refer

Hi everyone,

I use FileMaker Pro 6 and do most of my scripting with AppleScript. I have been writing a database program for about a year now (using AppleScript almost exclusively), so I am not a total newbie to AppleScript.

Anyway, at the top of my database window, I have buttons (A-Z). When you click on one, it shows a list of all entries that begin with the particular letter (in the form ‘choose from list’). It works just fine but I have to use 26 different scripts for this.

If I could figure out how to get the name of a button when you click on it, I think I might be able to use 1 script, something like: getAlpha (theAlpha).

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.Re: