Read and Write to a plist

Trying to force myself to learn Xcode. An applescript app I have is just getting too big…

Anyway, with the applescript, I save some data in a txt file. I think this can better be done in a plist file though. So, I created a plist under supporting files. However, I can’t figure out how to load this, let alone write to it! Basically, I just need to load all the data from the plist into a list that I can work with via applescript and then save it back. Can anyone one help explain this?

Also, is Cocoa-Applescript the same thing as AppleScriptObjC? I’ve found a book,, that I’ve been thinking about going ahead and buying. Anyone know if this covers the info I’m asking about?

Yes, Cocoa-AppleScript, AppleScript-Cocoa and AppleScriptObjC are different names for the same thing. And yes, that book covers property list basics (disclaimer: I’m the author). But it’s about using AppleScriptObjC generally, not in Xcode. Most of it still holds in Xcode, but there’s no longer a specific guide for usingAppleScriptObjC in Xcode.