Reading files for localized "lproj" folder.

A project I am working on is being localized (English, Japanese, French, and German).

I am setting the title of the main window programmatically based on the application’s status (idle, running, stopped, error).
What I was trying to do was have a text file (localized, one in each Language.lproj folder) with the titles for the windows that I can have the script read to get the title and set it to a variable. I thought I could then use that variable as the title for the window.

What would be the proper syntax for reading a file from the lproj folder (either English.lproj, Japanese.lproj, French.lproj, or German.lproj (depending on the users language))?

As a secondary question, is this a really stupid way to accomplish what I am trying to do?

Dr. Scotty Delicious, Scientist.