Reading Preferences

Greetings all. New user here with a question.

I have a script that calls the chooser (remember OS 9) from OS X. It’s easy, but I have a property that I set to identify the location of the System Folder Classic is using (since there can be multiple).

I have been trying to write something, without success, that can either a) read something from the preferences set by a preference pane (without opening it), or b) get the path to the running Classic Support application. (Classic, in this case, must be open anyway). Either one should get me to the right Apple Menu Items Folder and the Chooser app…

Any ideas? TIA…

Why not use the standard addition provided just for this purpose:

path to system folder from Classic domain

This will return an alias to the Mac OS 9.x System Folder whether or not Classic is actually running.

Of course, taking it further you can get:

path to apple menu from Classic domain


path to control panels from Classic domain

or even:

path to extensions folder from Classic domain